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RATE workshop for the future of environmental radioactivity

This is a call to participate in a workshop on the Radioactivity and the Environment (RATE) research programme funded by Natural Environment Research Council, Radioactive Waste Management and Environment Agency.

The RATE workshop will provide an opportunity to find out about research outputs, feedback on the findings and contribute future research priorities for radioactivity in the environment. We are looking to invite attendees that will have an appropriate expertise balance and association with radioactivity in the environment and related fields.

The work conducted within RATE focused on fractures in the subsurface environment, biogeochemical processes associated with radionuclides in the environment, transport and transfer of radionuclides in the natural environment and the effects of radiation to wildlife. For details on the RATE programme see the BGS website or Knowledge exchange website.

The key outcomes of the workshop are:

(1) Dissemination of RATE research

(2) Highlight the application of RATE research

(3) Identify collective problems associated with Radioactivity and the Environment and establish future research priorities

This is an invitation for individuals to submit expressions of interest to attend one of a series of workshops in Stirling (24th February 2020), Manchester (26th February 2020) and Bristol (28th February 2020). Spaces in the workshops are limited so if you would like to partake please register for one of the events. These will be all day workshops (10 am - 4 pm).

Please register your interest here and feel free to circulate this invitation to anyone who may be interested. The deadline for submissions is 11th December and confirmation of attendance and venue will be sent before December 20th.

To sign up to the mailing list which will disseminate RATE output summaries please sign up here. For questions and queries please contact me at

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